Ghana Trip 2011 by Nony Onyeador

This is a guest post by PASA member Nony Onyeador

Let’s be real, everybody now seems to be claiming the motherland. There are your Africans who live there and your Africans who don’t. Some have been before and others have never stepped foot on the soil of their forefathers. Black people around the world are living in their “Back to Africa” movements and white people around the world are trying to get a piece of the “Save the Africans” histories. Every race and person in between is either indifferent or has found their own connections to the great continent (country?) of Africa. Are these generalizations? Sure, but I suppose that’s all you get when talking about Africa. The continent with nearly 50 countries (depending on how you count it with Sudan splitting, and more countries possibly following) knows no end to stereotypes, good and bad.

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